New Orleans Saints first round draft pick Brandin Cooks (pictured left) signed his first NFL contract today, while also turning heads at Saints rookie mini-camp.

Inking a 4-year, $8.4 million deal, with a $4.4 million signing bonus was a mere formality for Cooks and the Saints. Since 2011, the NFLPA established a new rookie wage scale. As a result, all players are slotted into a salary based on their draft position. Cooks was taken 20th overall. His contract will count $1.5 million against the Saints salary cap this season.

Cooks arrived in New Orleans last Sunday for the first time in his life. While he's getting acclimated to his new town, he's also getting acclimated to his new team. The Saints just wrapped up a 5 practice rookie mini-camp, one that Cooks didn't take lightly.

“It's very important to show that I can get comfortable with the playbook. I can pick up on things easily and I can study," said Cooks. "These five practices are extremely important to me. They drafted me for a reason, so I’ve gotta prove them right.”

Still a student at Oregon State, Cooks will miss a portion of OTAs due to the school's academic quarter system. If he picks up the Saints playbook with the same kind of speed he shows on the field, the 4.3 40 running speedster will factor into New Orleans' offense right out the gate.

“He is versatile. He’s obviously a receiver," explained Saints head coach Sean Payton. "I think we can line him up in the slot, line him up outside. He's got a very good skill set with regards to acceleration, speed, catches the ball well.”

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