We really do have some extremely creative people in Louisiana!

These days many people have at least one tattoo. Some are hidden, some are very visible. They range in themes, colors, and style. One theme we've looked at a couple of times before, Louisiana inspired tattoos, was really fun to see.

It's time to revisit the theme once again, because it seems that people are wearing their Louisiana pride on their skin more and more.

Also...HOLY COW we have some extremely talented tattoo artists in our state.

[Editors Note: I looked through literally THOUSANDS of tattoo pictures. These are 17 of probably hundreds that I could have chosen to include in this post. If you enjoy it, I may just have to do a fourth, fifth, maybe even sixth post in this series. 

There is no real rhyme or reason why I chose these particular tattoos other than they were unique, Louisiana inspired artworks that people bear on their skin. So, please don't get upset because your boy did some better work out of his closet. Their work may just get chosen in the next set.]

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