"What's Something You Would Never Buy Even if You Became Very Wealthy?", that's what we asked Acadiana Facebook users in a recent poll. Turns out, Acadiana isn't unlike the rest of the country when it comes to wealth.

People will tell you about all the wonderful things they would buy if they win the Lottery, but the fact is, most people in Acadiana would be rather modest in their spending.

Like you, we've heard people say they'd buy sports cars, a mansion, a yacht and many other big-ticket items if money became no option. But that may just be water cooler talk. In reality, at least in our survey, we found that mentality to be much different in the real world.

Here are the Top 5 things people in Acadiana would NOT buy if money wasn't an obstacle.


#5 Electric Car

Photo by Jens Schlueter/Getty Images
Photo by Jens Schlueter/Getty Images


An electric car. -Donna L.


An electric car! -Suzie Q.


I hate to tell you, every vehicle will be electric in the next 5 years. You will eventually have one in the next 10 years. -Keith O.


#4 Drugs

Photo courtesy of Opelousas Police
Photo courtesy of Opelousas Police


Narcotics. -Tony L.


Cocaine. -Christine D.


Me either. -Samara S.


#3 Designer Purse

Photo by Gabe Ginsberg/Getty Images
Photo by Gabe Ginsberg/Getty Images


A designer purse or shoes or a stupidly expensive vehicle. I will never, ever understand all that. I
mean, what’s the point? -Mona S.


A designer purse. -Tammy D.


Designer items. -Puanani L.


#2 Expensive House

Photo by Dean Purcell/Getty Images
Photo by Dean Purcell/Getty Images


A mansion! A cabin maybe! -Ruth R.


A huge house. -Susan D.


Luxury car or huge home…… less is more! -Debbie A.


#1 Expensive Car

Cybex For Scuderia Ferrari Launch Party By Tot Living for Haute Living
Photo by Romain Maurice/Getty Images for Haute Living


Cars worth the price of big houses/multiple cars I don't need. -Aimee F.


Expensive cars. -Beverly L.


A high dollar car. -Darlene B.

Expensive jewelry and tattoos also made the list.

According to the results of our survey, it appears as though folks in Acadiana don't need expensive materialistic objects to make themselves (or the people in their lives) happy.

Good times, good food and good friends are still the recipe for a good life in southwestern Louisiana.

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