Morgan Wallen is sending the smoky heartbreak tune "Wasted on You" to country radio as his next official single. Wallen, Ernest K. Smith, Ryan Vojtesak and Josh Thompson co-wrote the song, which follows Wallen's recent No. 1, "Sand in My Boots."

In the slow-burning track, Wallen sings from the perspective of a man mourning the time, money and miles he wasted on a failed relationship. The song takes on a double meaning as Wallen also sings of drinking away his heartbreak, and therefore, becoming "wasted" on his ex.

"Wasted on you / All of this time and all of this money / All of these sorrys I don't owe you honey / All of these miles on this Chevy and prayers in a pew / all them days I spent wasted on you," he sings in the chorus.

In the second verse, Wallen gets somewhat vulnerable, singing that he "swore this one’d be different," but his "heart wouldn’t listen." He eventually sings about watching his lost love pack up her car and leave. Wallen’s powerful voice delivers the heart-rending lyrics amid a sonic landscape that features contrasting country and rap-influenced sounds.

In a December conversation with co-writer and artist Ernest on his podcast, Just Being Ernest, Wallen revealed that "Wasted on You" always felt special to him.

"I would say 'Wasted on You' is probably my favorite song I wrote on the record," Wallen told Ernest.

Wallen then revealed that he and his co-writers wrote the song during quarantine in Wallen’s kitchen, "with bourbon."

"Wasted on You" is Wallen’s fourth radio single from his Dangerous: The Double Album, which he released in January of 2021. The song has already reached the top spot on the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart, debuting there after the release of his album. It's his second single since being removed from nearly all radio and digital streaming playlists in the wake of being  caught on camera using the N-word in early 2021.

The new single will officially impact radio on March 7.

Morgan Wallen's "Wasted on You" Lyrics

I don't always wake up in the mornin' / Pour myself a strong one / Aw, but when I get lonely I do / Your memory gets to burnin' / Lean back on the bourbon / Sure as hell can't keep leanin' on you / Looks like I'm learnin' the hard way again / It's all my fault, yeah, I dropped the ball / You're gone, and I'm gone three sheets to the wind / Thinkin' 'bout all I've wasted on you

All of this time and all of this money / All of these sorrys I don't owe you honey / All of these miles on this Chevy and prayers in a pew / All them days I spent wasted on you / Wasted on you

Yeah, I swore this one'd be different / My heart wouldn't listen to my head in these boots on my feet / Looks like I'm learnin' the hard way again / That's why I've been wasted on you


Like this pile of your stuff that's packed up in the back / Right down to the flame of this match / Wasted on you / Wasted on you / Wasted on you


Did You Know? Morgan Wallen's Dangerous: The Double Album was the best-selling album in country music in 2021.

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