Louisiana's got its share of accidents, and some regular culprits keep popping up. One big troublemaker is distracted driving. People just can't seem to put down their phones while driving, leading to more texting-and-driving messes on our roads. Even with all the warnings, folks still take the risk, making the streets more dangerous for everyone. Lawyers across the state have seen the same stories year after year.

Then there's the issue of impaired driving. Despite strict rules and efforts to stop it, drunk driving is still a major headache. Some folks just don't get the memo about how dangerous it is to hit the road after a few too many drinks.

Our wild weather doesn't help either. Louisiana is definitely known for its unpredictable storms and heavy rain, turning the roads into a hot mess. It's no surprise that accidents go up when the weather gets crazy.

And let's not forget about the state of our roads. Some of them are like obstacle courses with potholes, bad signs, and construction zones. It's a recipe for disaster if you ask me.

Here's a collection of the most common reasons we've got our share of accidents in Louisiana -

10 Things That Cause the Most Car Crashes In Louisiana

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