The 2020 "Most Dangerous Cities in the U.S." was released earlier this year, and when we weren't looking, two Louisiana cities earned their way into the top 20. I'd be willing to bet you can't guess which two cities they are...seriously. gathered the data to compile the list of America's 100 most dangerous cities, but it's the top 20 that's particularly interesting.

To configure the rankings, they included cities "with 25,000 or more people, based on the number of violent crimes per 1,000 residents."

"Violent crimes include murder, rape, armed robbery, and aggravated assault. The data used for this research are the number of violent crimes reported to have occurred in each city, and the population of each city."

Before you make your final guess, you should know that included in the top 20 "Most Dangerous Cities in the U.S." are cities like Memphis, Detroit, St. Louis, and Baltimore.

So, what are the two Louisiana cities in the top 20 for violent crimes per capita?

At number 14 is Alexandria, and at number 19 is Monroe.

Not the two you guessed huh? Me neither.

Alexandria has a Violent Crime Rate (per 1,000 residents) of 14.6, which means you have a 1 in 68 chance of being a victim of violent crime.

Monroe has a Violent Crime Rate (per 1,000 residents) of 14.1 meaning your odds of becoming a victim of violent crime are 1 in 71.

To put it in perspective, Detroit is the number one on the list of "Most Dangerous Cities in the U.S.", and your odds there are 1 in 50.

You can see the entire list at

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