It is a fact that early voting across Louisiana has been at a fever pitch. In past elections, early voting was usually the domain of those that didn't want to wait in line to cast a ballot. This year the wait time to vote early has been as much as an hour in some parishes.

Despite what you have read and heard most voters are waiting until November 8th to ultimately make up their minds. One political analyst, John Couvillion with JMC Analytics, says of the early voters, almost 90% of them are chronic voters. That means they usually vote in all elections anyway.

 What that means if they’re getting it out of the way, is I would expect a much lower percentage of chronic voters showing up on November 8thbecause they’ve already voted during early voting week.

While the numbers of early voters have been staggering compared to recent elections there is still three-quarters of registered voters who have not made their choices. The opportunity to cast an early ballot ended Tuesday. So now is not the time for political campaigns to take their foot off the gas so to speak.

Basically, now is the time to do the closing sales pitch so to speak, as opposed to continuing to beat up your opponent because now voters are in general election mode.

Couvillion's remarks were reported by the Louisiana Radio Network.

Our advice to you is this, be prepared before you step into the voting booth. Have an understanding of the issues and individuals you choose to support before you reach for that lever on the voting machine. By doing this you will expedite the voting process and make it easier on yourself.

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