It should go without saying, but here is a reminder to obey all barricades and signage when it comes to road closures.

With winter weather locking down much of south Louisiana, there are plenty of road and bridge closures in place to ensure community safety, prevent motorists from getting stranded, and keep them out of dangerous conditions.

A tweet from WAFB's Steve Caparotta showed motorists ignoring barricades and driving around them to continue along what may be one of the most dangerous roadways in all of Louisiana right now.

Video from WAFB's Farrah Yvette shows the vehicles traveling across the extremely dangerous bridge after going around the barricades that were put in place.

If you want to get a look at where they are heading, here's a look at I-10 at the Atchafalaya Basin Bridge here.

A reminder from State Police (again, are we really having to say this again?) reminds motorists that it is "illegal and potentially dangerous to drive around 'road closed' barricades at any time for any reason."

Please share this because clearly, some people are not getting the memo.

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