Last Friday on the morning show, Ms. Janet, the gatekeeper here at 97.3 The Dawg, shared with us all the amazing childhood dessert treat that has been passed along for generations in her family -- chocolate bread.

The recipe is fairly simple. You take some cocoa powder, add a little sugar and stir some milk and warm it up on the stove. The result is a velvety smooth spread that you slap on to some delicious white bread (preferably the Evangeline Maid variety).

We were so excited this morning when Ms. Janet showed up with this delectable delight.

We had a great time reminiscing on the air about this great childhood treat. Then after the microphones went off, the serving of said goodies began.

I got to taste the goodness first. And this is the before picture.

Jude Walker About to Eat Chocolate Bread
Staff Photo

Then here's the mid-bite picture.

Jude Walker Eating Chocolate Bread
Staff Photo

And then here's the aftermath photo.

Jude Walker After Tasting Chocolate Bread
Staff Photo

What's that look for? Oh, it's the look one gives when a certain chef forgets to add a certain sweetener to something that should be sweetened!

Yep, Ms. Janet forgot the sugar.

I guess I'll never know what chocolate bread is supposed to taste like.

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