Chocolate Bread Delight
Last Friday on the morning show, Ms. Janet, the gatekeeper here at 97.3 The Dawg, shared with us all the amazing childhood dessert treat that has been passed along for generations in her family -- chocolate bread.
What’s In Brad’s Box?
A friend brought me this styrofoam thing today, and I instantly thought "What in the heck is this?"  He made a funny, and told me it was a box of worms for me to go fishing for a girlfriend!  But then I opened it up, and bam, it was a delicious array of
Dessert ! What Your Favorite Sweet Treat Says About You
It's the end of your meal, the food has been wonderful, the conversation delightful and then the waiter asks the question that is always met with a moment of silence? " Did you save room for dessert?". As a man, I can tell you, I did, I have and I want my dessert. My lovely wife and the ot…