A sweet tasty treat that will cool off a hot September day. That was my request of Chef Jill McCoy for this edition of our Foodie Friday series. Naturally Chef Jill had to make it something that would keep your waistline from expanding while tantalizing your tongue with flavor.

If you're not familiar with the differences between sherbet and ice cream it has to do with butter fat. Ice cream has more sherbet has less and  yes that is how you spell sherbet. Even though we want it look like Herbert it doesn't have that extra "r".

Don't get me wrong, sherbet does have dairy included in the recipe. As you can see in Chef Jill's version of this wonderfully refreshing dessert or midday treat there is a need for whole milk. Her recipe also includes a generous amount of fresh fruit juice. This really adds a sparkle to the flavor profile.

If you have an automatic ice cream maker you will find this recipe easier to make than microwave mac and cheese. It's really that simple. If you can pour stuff in a bowl and know how to stir just a bit you've got this.

The rich taste of the sherbet is an excellent palate refresher much like a sorbet but to be truthful it is a little heavier because of the whole milk. The best part about this culinary creation is you can make it this weekend and snack on it all next week. It's a lot more coming home after work knowing there is a treat ready and waiting for you in the icebox.


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