You can't stop it. The holidays are coming. Obviously you cannot have a holiday feast without dessert. The optimal dessert, in my opinion, is pie! My grandmother has a pumpkin pie recipe that would knock your socks off. This recipe I found from the BBQ Pit Boys will probably knock your pants off due to the whiskey.

BBQ Pit Boys Pie 2

I have been a follower of the BBQ Pit Boys for quite some time and have used their recipes over and over again. They cook everything on a pit, hence the name, and use a ton of bacon and butter. It was love at first viewing. They have this amazing pumpkin pie recipe that adds Fireball in it to spice things up a bit. Now, you do not have to cook it on a pit, but I am almost certain the added flavor from it makes it even better.

This recipe is your basic pumpkin pie recipe, with a bit more sweetened condensed milk and, of course, a healthy cup or two of a cinnamon whiskey of your choice. If you need the recipe, check out the video of the boys making it on their grill.

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