We are now into that time of year when if somebody asks " Do you have a second"? You can honestly say "No". We are busy people with work, school, and now weekends filled with football, food, and holiday planning. How do you keep up your energy without overdosing on highly caffeinated beverages?

That was my query for Chef Jill McCoy this week. I asked her about how the food choices we make affect our energy level. Because when you think about it, food is fuel for our body. I have a great weight loss tip concerning that theory coming up in a second but let's get to today's Foodie Friday Recipe.

I asked Chef Jill to create a snack that would satisfy a couple of things. I wanted to feel like I was getting a treat. I wanted something that wouldn't just be junk. I wanted something that would give me a boost to get through that slumping part of my day. Here's what the mad scientist, aka Chef, created for you and I to try.

If you have ever spent way too much on a protein bar or energy bar from the health food aisle of your favorite market then you know you have just found the replacement with this recipe. The combination of ingredients creates a nice chewy treat that satisfies our need for something sweet. The honey and maple syrup provide plenty of dessert like goodness for the sweet tooth and the combination of nuts, seeds, and cranberries gives these energy balls a great chew.

Another thing I find very attractive about this recipe is that you can make these balls ahead of time on the weekend. Then you can carry two of three into the office every day and when  you start to get that midday slump you can enjoy your energy boosting treat with a cup of water and you are good to go again.

This makes great treats for the lunch box too. That way your kids can get a pick me up without them losing focus. These are so easy to make, you could even get the kids to help and let that be a project for a rainy afternoon.

So, about my weight loss tip comparing food to fuel here it is. Think about food is to our body as gas is to our car right? When you stop to fill up your car you only put in enough fuel to fill the tank. Why then do we eat mindlessly while we watch TV or sit at the computer? If you focusing on eating when it's time to eat you won't over eat. It's a tip that has helped me lose a significant amount of weight over the past six weeks. I think it will work for you too.