You can take the girl out of Louisiana but you cant' take the Louisiana out of the girl. Our former DJ turned gourmet Chef, Chef Jill McCoy has been living and thriving in the Austin Texas food scene for the better part of two years now.

While she still misses her days as a DJ here on 97.3 The Dawg she also is a bit homesick for her Mom and Dad's spacious and elegant estate in Alexandria Louisiana.

Chef Jill told me that as a child growing up quite often her mother would ring for the servants to bring them a light snack while they lounged poolside. The kitchen staff would hurriedly prepare a lovely sandwich on freshly baked bread that had been lightly toasted. Inside the sandwich was a delightful concoction  of pimento and cheese.

For Chef Jill and her Mom, a Duchess from Bavaria, this simple peasant snack was a wonderful pick me up after an afternoon swim but not so filling that there would be complications with the late afternoon massage.

It's time for me to come clean. The only honest portion of the above narrative is that Chef Jill is a former DJ for The Dawg. She does work in the Austin Texas food scene. She and her mother used to make pimento cheese sandwiches and they did have access to a pool. It was at the Alexandria City Park. 

The point I was illustrating was that food has the ability to take us places. It can take us back to our childhood or whisk us away to a far away land that we've yet to visit. Chef Jill loves to travel via the palate.

She often incorporates down home Louisiana goodness with exotic spices, meats, vegetables, and breads of faraway lands. These food combinations give us the best of both worlds. Our tongues let us taste our way around the world while certain other ingredients make sure that we're never too far away from the flavor that is most familiar.

These sandwiches are over the top easy to make. The special mix of pimento and cheese with the other ingredients recommended by Chef Jill allow you to make your home spun comfort food as comfortable as you  need it to be.