When you look at pictures of Chef Jill McCoy you'll see a lovely lady with a beautiful smile. She doesn't look like the kind of person that would invite a linebacker to "rip his head off and shove it up his..."  but she is. Chef Jill loves football. She is particularly fond of the New Orleans Saints and this season she, like many other fans, has had a lot to scream about.

As Chef Jill and I were contemplating food, football, and life in general. I mentioned to her that this would be a great football weekend. There is no Saints game, there is no LSU or Ragin' Cajuns game either. That means we can enjoy football for the sake of the game without having our hearts broken and dreams dashed. Because of that I wanted a great snack to enjoy while I watched without emotion.

Who doesn't love a hot fresh pretzel? Who doesn't love a hot fresh pretzel and an ice cold beer while watching football? Who knows how to make a pretzel? Chef Jill does and the way she does it is easy enough for everyone to do.

If you're not familiar with pretzels, their history goes way back into the 600's in Italy. Chef Jill's family comes from Germany. Many of her family members still live there. So pretzels have been a part of her heritage, her childhood, and now a part of her culinary repertoire.

I always thought pretzels required far more work than what Chef Jill's recipe requires. It turns out, like football, it was just one more thing I didn't really understand. I think you'll love the difference between store bought, mall bought, and homemade. The homemade wins every time.

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