Today on Foodie Friday we divert just a little from time in the kitchen to time on the couch in front of a great movie or football game. That time often is snack time.

The problem with snack time is we often eat mindlessly. In other words we don't pay attention to what or how much of what we are stuffing our faces with. Sense that kind of behavior won't likely change anytime soon. I asked our always health conscious friend Chef Jill McCoy what she snacks on.

If you were thinking Doritos and corn dogs you'd be wrong. Those snacks are nice every once in a while. But Chef Jill says they can really cause havoc when it come to fitting into your favorite jeans.

Chef Jill offered us five suggestions on some of the snacks that she enjoys. Some of them for pure flavor and indulgence, others because they taste good and are also great for those who are watching their waistlines.

Marich Chocolates - Chef Jill calls them little pieces of heaven. If you love nuts and chocolate you will love this sweet and salty combo. Chef Jill says it only takes a handful to satisfy a snack craving.

Sconza Candies - In particular their Limoncello covered almonds are a real treat. You get the great health benefits of nuts plus a delightful tart burst of lemon flavor. It's a very European palate pleaser and it only takes a small amount to make the snacking urge retreat.

Silk's Dark Chocolate Almond Milk- A glass of milk at bedtime is a ritual at hour house. A glass of chocolate milk is a treat. If you've never tried Almond Milk I think you'll be pleasantly surprised. This dark chocolate flavor from Silk is really very good. You're saving a lot of calories and getting some really great flavor too.

Cherries- They are about to be in season so the prices will be dropping and they are so delicious. The thing about cherries is that you can munch on them all night long. They also give you a bit of a workout since you have to eat around the  pit. It's fun to see if you can do the whole eat around the pit and then tie the stem trick without using your hands.

Skinny Girl Brand- Chef Jill gets no endorsement money from these folks but if they wanted to hire a spokesperson she'd do a good job. Based on our conversations she really appreciates the quality of the products and the attention they pay to keeping the calorie count low and the health benefits high.