If you're looking for a great wet weekend activity to keep the kids occupied or you want to make sure you won't be disappointing Santa on Christmas Eve, you've got to make these cookies. By the way, I have learned through many years as a semi-professional child that disappointing Santa is never a good idea.  So let's talk Christmas Cookies.

Our delicious and edible elf Chef Jill McCoy was telling me about this recipe just the other day. She said these cookies are not only buttery smooth but the kitchen doesn't look like the reindeer games were just contested on the stove. These treats are so easy to make that we suggest you invite the kids to help you mix the batter, cut out the shapes , and do the decorating. It will make for great family time and could become the holiday tradition that gets passed down for generations.

My little ones, a 21 year old and an 19 year old, had a blast making cookies together. We spent more time laughing than we actually did mixing and baking. Fortunately this recipe doesn't require the person cooking to pay a whole lot of attention.

The dough is basically foolproof if you can follow the recipe then you can make these cookies. I will tell you the dough is a little tough to work with after it has been chilled. All that butter in the dough tends to make it very stiff. So if you're cooking with kids it's best to let the stronger and more experience cook do the roll out.

This dough cuts very easily and the cookies hold their shape very well. That means you won't have any odd looking stars or bent Christmas trees when you put them on the cookie sheet. These cookies won't spread out and become limp either. That makes for a great presentation and gives the cookie a certain toughness to hold together if you're putting them in a bag to give as gifts.


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