It's everyone's favorite part of the meal. It's dessert. We all have some kind of a sweet tooth. Whether we really like to indulge in a dessert or just want a bite. There is nothing like a great dessert to bring a fitting closure to a great meal.

Chef Jill McCoy likes her desserts as much as the next person. However, she also likes to keep her figure slim and trim. Those aprons can only hide so much, right? So, we turned this week's Foodie Friday discussion to desserts. I wanted something delicious. Chef Jill wanted something healthy and light. She found a way to make us both satisfied

My first question to Chef Jill was " What is Mascarpone"? It's basically a very rich cheese. Think of cream cheese on steroids. It's that creamy and that delicious. The crumble part of this recipe is extremely easy to create.

One of the reasons this recipe appeals to me is the texture of the dish. While we eat with our eyes and taste with our tongue, that feeling of different textures on our palate has a lot to do with how well we relate to a dish.

When you add in the tart sweetness of fresh berries to round out this easy but elegant dessert you've got an award winner. Your guests will swear you're a pastry wizard. You don't even have to have a magic wand to make this.

All you need is a few simple ingredients, a few minutes, and a little artful plate placement and you will be regarded as the dessert master.