Who doesn't love breakfast all day? There's a reason a major restaurant chain recently made their breakfast menu available all day. We love breakfast. Just because it's breakfast doesn't mean it can't be special. Chef Jill McCoy and I were talking about one of my favorite comfort foods the other day, pancakes.

Pancakes to me meant my Dad was home from his job. It meant that there would be time for just he and I to sit and talk while the rest of the family slept in on a Saturday morning. Pancakes are so much more than something delicious.

Chef Jill mentioned her love of pancakes and suggested that while simple to make they can be an elegant part of a company breakfast or special day breakfast. It turns out it's the little extras that elevate the pancake from flapjack to almost dessert for breakfast.

Don't let the word "compote" throw you off or scare you away. Compote is just a fancy word for a freshly made fruit sauce. The nice thing about making a compote is that you can customize the ingredients to include your favorites.

The pancake recipe is a little more involved than dumping a box of Aunt Jemima into a bowl and adding water but the taste and texture is worth a little extra measuring. Trust me it will be worth it.

I find to get the best crunchy edged but tender on the inside pancakes you need to have your pan pre-heated. You also need to use butter and not some healthy Chef Jill recommended pan lubricant.  Chef Jill likes the spray stuff and it works without the calories but she is skinny and pretty, I am not.

Cook your cakes, pour over the compote, add fresh berries and get a fork, you're ready! It's a surprisingly easy yet elegant breakfast that would be perfect for a Sunday supper or a midweek treat too.

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