Every week Chef Jill McCoy and I catch up on the phone about  gossip, family, life in general, and of course food. I have to admit I was taken aback just a bit when I misheard Chef Jill mention that she had something cooking on the side.

Because I live in a world of celebrity cheating scandals I immediately asked my friend to clarify her statement. She said, " I am cooking and experimenting with side dishes this week." Well, that's a lot different than having a Taylor Swift kind of weekend.

The side dish in question was one of my favorites and the recipe is great. Here's what we have for you on this edition of Foodie Friday.

I love spinach. I eat it almost every day. I eat it so much I look just like Popeye, the sailor not the chicken. Creamed spinach takes a very healthy and versatile vegetable and makes it an elegant accompaniment to a delicious meal. That's probably why your big time steakhouses have this dish on the menu.

Here's a little sidenote about this recipe. This isn't entirely Chef Jill's. Let's give credit where credit  is due. The recipe is a secret family concoction that was originally put together by "The German". That's what I call Jill's Mom Bonita.

Bonita is a great cook in her own right and I have to agree with Chef Jill this recipe is worth the calories. The next time you're doing steaks or even hamburgers you can give your plate an " up-do" with this creamed spinach recipe. It will keep them coming back for seconds and thirds.

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