The first time I met Jill McCoy she came in to the radio station as an intern. She did her time and did not seem to have the enthusiasm needed to succeed in the radio business. As a matter of fact since she only hung around for the bare minimum hours to receive a grade we dubbed her  "Jill-The-Almost-Invisible-Intern."

A few months went by and I got a call from Jill, she wanted to know if she could stop by for a cup of coffee and chat. We chatted and pretty soon Jill McCoy was a regular part of 97.3 The Dawg's air staff and a regular contributor to this website.

One of the things I learned about Jill was her love of cooking. She also loved exercise and working out because if she didn't she would be as big as a house with all the delicious food she cooked. Today I am proud to say that Jill is enrolled in culinary school in Austin Texas. She works in the kitchen of a major Austin restaurant, she has her own internet food and lifestyle blog,  and she has agreed to be 97.3 The Dawg's Official Foodie.

Every Friday in this space we will feature one of Jill's recipes or if you have questions about cooking techniques, ideas for meals, or low calorie but delicious foods she will answer them. In the very near future look for Jill to begin a video series of food and lifestyle videos that combine her love of traditional Cajun cooking, professional chef training, and her desire to keep everyone healthy.

Since we are still in the Lenten season we'd thought we'd feature a seafood dish that offers a different twist on a South Louisiana Favorite, Shrimp. It's Baked Shrimp with Feta and Tomatoes. It's sure to become a go to recipe when you want to kick your shrimp dishes up just a notch but don't want to spend a lot of time in the kitchen.