It's the end of your meal, the food has been wonderful, the conversation delightful and then the waiter asks the question that is always met with a moment of silence? " Did you save room for dessert?". As a man, I can tell you, I did, I have and I want my dessert. My lovely wife and the other ladies I sometimes have the pleasure of dining with feel differently, at least on the outside.  Inside I know they are screaming bring the chocolate thing and the cheesecake thing and please don't look at me, just let me wallow in the deliciousness. Over dramatic? Maybe, but more true than not true right? Did you know the dessert you choose says a lot about the  person you are? Let's take a look at your sweet tooth and get inside your head. 

 Is your favorite dessert a piece of strawberry shortcake? If so then you are a very caring person, you are in touch with your emotions and you like sharing your feelings.

How about if you choose brownies? Studies show that you are a bit of an oddball, an adventure seeker, you are one who takes and makes their own path in life. You are also very loyal.

What if ice cream is more your desire? You tend to be self-centered and high maintenance.  Do these descriptions paint an accurate picture of you or someone you know?

We have other desserts and other assessments for you to peruse right here. Regardless of your favorite dessert, don't skip it! Go for it, enjoy the sweetness that life has to offer and don't feel guilty about it. One more thing, do not say you don't want dessert and then ask for an extra spoon when they bring mine, you will be injured.