A friend brought me this styrofoam thing today, and I instantly thought "What in the heck is this?"  He made a funny, and told me it was a box of worms for me to go fishing for a girlfriend!  But then I opened it up, and bam, it was a delicious array of

Gelato!  I had never heard of Gelato, but it was quite good.



Have you ever had Gelato?  They have a place called Carpe Diem on Jefferson Street in downtown Lafayette that sells it.  It is like Ice Cream, but it is made with all natural products and fruits.

Gelato is an Italian frozen dessert, similar to ice cream. Its ingredients include milk and sugar, often combined with fruit, chocolate, liquor, spices, or nuts. Unlike ice cream, gelato often does not contain cream, and has substantially less fat than ice cream, making it a healthy, high quality gourmet delicacy.

If you have ever had it, what is your favorite kind?

Would you try it?