You know a person all your life and then you find out that your very own brother and his wife are one of those "unique" couples on the internet video site YouTube. I say unique because strange, odd, and peculiar aren't quite the right words to describe what they do and the videos they make.

Here's a little background. My brother Al has worked every day of his life since he was 14. I don't think I ever recall seeing him spend a dollar on anything. He's not cheap he is very frugal. Al's ultimate goal since he was a kid was to live on a farm away from people. It's not that he doesn't like people he just doesn't like to get caught up in other people's drama.

His wife Lea is a school teacher. She is charming, witty, and the most wonderful thing that could have ever happened to my brother. She is just as "unique" as Al is.

Here's what makes them a living, breathing, reality show. They are backwoods pioneers living in a very nice neighborhood. At their home, their entire backyard is a garden. They also very quietly raise chickens for the eggs. They have what most people would think to be a Koi pond. However, my brother decided to stock the pond with catfish.

They are also very frugal shoppers. Al told me they have been tracking grocery prices and sales for over 6 years. He knows when is the best time to buy butter, flour, ham, or any other kitchen staple. When those products go on sale, they stock up. Just last week they bought 40 lbs of butter. They will keep it in the freezer and use as needed.

Their annual grocery bill is less than $1-thousand dollars. That's for a whole year. The average couple will spend about $7,750 annually just for reference. They eat veggies from their garden. They use the eggs from their chicken. They have catfish whenever they want and here is the kicker. Since they gave up using "store bought" food for their own home grown food, they have never been healthier.

They have a YouTube Channel that chronicles their farming, shopping, and saving habits. It's interesting, to say the least. I must say it's also inspiring too. By the way, they'd love it if you watched a video or two or subscribed to their channel. They aren't in it for money, they just like sharing their dream and unique choices in life.

My brother has an accounting degree, he never wanted to sit behind a desk. He wanted to be a farmer so he became one right in the middle of our hometown.

Well played Al, well played.


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