Jasper, the dog, has reached a certain age. It is an age in which he could soon be a man about town if you know what I mean. The last thing my wife and I want is to be responsible for a litter of unwanted puppies. So, it was time for Jasper to go under the knife. This was his expression in the car before arriving at the vet's office.



Staff Photo

The look on his face seems to plead, Why? Oh, Why?  Or maybe that is a look of confident revenge being plotted against me in my sleep. If only he could talk. Then I am pretty sure I'd be paying him off to keep his mouth shut.

Flash forward a few hours and here we find Jasper in his post-surgery stupor. Needless to say, he looks so stoned he could chill out with cats, squirrels, lizards, and all of those other little creatures he gets so agitated about.

Staff Photo

He did come through his procedure just fine and should be more Jasper, the dog, and less Snoop Dog in a few hours. Although I must admit he has seemed to develop a very strong appreciation for Willie Nelson music.

Since these pictures made me laugh I thought they might make you smile too. Bottom line, love your pets like people and love people like you love your pets. We'll all get along just fine if we do.