Who doesn't love S'mores? This oh so summer time treat is a favorite in my family, and not just during warm months. Nothing quite reminds me of childhood like a toasted marshmallow with a block of Hershey's chocolate, in between two graham crackers. Yum!

Well, now that we are adults, we can find some inventive ways to still have that awesome treat, but with a twist. Taste of Home has some fab recipes for the s'more of the millennium. (my term, not theirs - haha!) How about some 'Cookout Caramel S'mores' which adds a nice twist of one of our favorite flavors to the mix? Or the aptly named 'Give Me S'More Cake', which brings the campfire indoors for a rich treat on any night of the week. One of my new faves is 'S'Mores Dipped Apples' - so easy and yummy, and perfect for after school snacks, or even to bring to a bake sale!

You can check out 'S'More' gourmet twists on one of America's favorite treats from Taste of Home or see some of my new favorites below. I can't think of anything I'd rather have during the hot summer months than these gourmet morsels that remind me so much of my childhood.




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