Does your love life need to be spiced up?  Well, if the common aphrodisiacs such as chocolate, oysters, and red wine aren't doing the trick, I got something else for you. I found the 8 most common turn-ons and I want to know if you agree or disagree. Next time you're in need of some good lovin', think about these.

  1. Warm Weather - This definitely gets people hot and flirty. A hotter climate naturally leads to hotter activity. That's why a lot of animals are born in the spring... they were conceived during the hot, summer months.
  2. Being Happy - Who doesn't want to be with someone who is happy?  Happy = flirty. Happy people have a way better chance at gettin' some lovin.'
  3. The Time of the Day - Supposedly, women are more frisky at 11pm on a Saturday night. Hmm...very interesting.
  4. The Color Red - You already know there's something about the color red. It triggers the brain to think dominantly and become aroused.
  5. A Hurricane - Well, I guess there's nothing else to do, right? People got to stay occupied while being cooped up in the house for hours.
  6. Music - Sometimes music can be more arousing than someone's touch.  Everyone has their go-to love song. Everyone knows Marvin Gaye's "Let's Get It On".
  7. The Holidays - This one surprised me. Normally you would think everyone is so stressed out with the hustle and bustle, but apparently the winter holidays are a good time to get it on.
  8. Little Gestures - Above all, the little things count the most. Holding your partner's hand or cooking them dinner will really get you some brownie points. A mental and emotional connection automatically brings a physical connection.

Keep this in mind ladies and gents!


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