There's a dangerous Netflix email scam going around targeting over 100 million subscribers. People are receiving emails saying “Your suspension notification” in the subject line, and it's causing a lot of problems.

This Netflix email scam is a tricky one, because whomever designed it figured out a way to get past some people's spam filters. So, when people get it, they assume it's legit.

The email will say there's a problem with your billing info and that you need to restart your Netflix account within 48 hours or it will be terminated.

If you click the email to "restart your account" you'll be asked to enter you bank information, and that's where the pain starts.


If you get any emails like this, says "Ignore the “sender” name and look for the actual email address that the sender is using (check it letter for letter, including the top-level domain that comes after the final dot) so that you can confirm their identity. You can do this by hovering over the sender’s name, though some email clients will display the actual address as well."

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