If you haven't watched "The Staircase" on Netflix yet, you really should if you're in to true crime documentary stuff. One thing that isn't covered in Netflix's version of "The Staircase" is something called "The Owl Theory". I'm going to try and keep this as spoiler free as I can for you if you haven't seen it yet.

The basic premise of "The Staircase" is a documentary about the death of Kathleen Peterson. On Dec. 9th 2001, she was found dead, covered in blood at the bottom of the staircase at her home. Her husband Michael Peterson was arrested for her murder. The documentary follows Michael Peterson, his family and his defense team through the trial.

"The Staircase" on Netflix is actually the 3rd incarnation of this story I've seen. As I was watching the new Netflix version, I realized there were some things not included that I had seen in other versions. The main one being something called "The Owl Theory".

I'm not the only one realizing this. Apparently so many people have brought this up that Netflix has just released a short YouTube video addressing why they didn't include "The Owl Theory".

If you haven't seen "The Staircase" yet, the video below shouldn't ruin anything for you because, like I said, none of this was included in the Netflix version. It's a truly bizarre story that is so mysterious, a strange theory like "The Owl Theory" might just be crazy enough to be true.



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