A night time study session followed by a long walk back to the car or dorm. It's not the position any parent wants to see their son or daughter experience. It happens all the time on college campuses across America but now U.L. students may never have to walk alone again. This companion could be as close as their smartphone.

A new App called " Rave Guardian" is the electronic safety net that students can use to connect with  parents, friends and law enforcement. What the app allows its users to do is set a timer and a contact number to call. If the student has not safely reached their destination and called the contact or turned off the app by the time runs out, that contact person is called automatically by the smartphone.

The contact can be a friend, a roommate, a parent or even University Police. By using this app all parties involved can have piece of mind. It's basically like having a friendly voice on the line and a guaranteed resolution at the end. As a parent of a college student having the knowledge that your child is safely at the dorm or at home is priceless compared to the hours of angst and anger when they admit to you they got busy and forgot to call you.


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