Single? Bored? Looking for love? Busy on every day except Thursday? There's an app for that.

Dating apps are a dime a dozen. There's one for religious people, farmers, college kids, classy college kids and everyone else under the sun. There is now an app for those who only want to go on a date on a Thursday.

attachment-thursday dating

Thursday Dating is a new app on the market. Here's how it works: you sign up, you are sent a secret bar location, when Thursday rolls around, you meet at the bar with other singles, and hopefully find your new love.

Thursday Dating is only available right now in England and New York City for now. It is in the beginning stages of being live, only as of a month ago. Their marketing team is working overtime with elaborate stunts to spread the word. As of current writing time, they only have 478 followers!

Dating Thursday is gaining online traction and very quickly. Their creative, marketing and digital team are making waves for an app that isn't widely available in the country yet. The app is available for download in the app store for Apple or google play store for Android.

Would you try Thursday Dating? I think it is a very cool concept that guides your hand in the dating world. You are guaranteed to meet other singles in your area at the bar, as if it happened to be coincidence (at least, that's what you can tell your parents if it ends well).

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