Houston high school Principal Carlotta Outley Brown has implemented a new dress code for the parents of her students when they are on her campus. She's going through with it even though some are saying this new dress code is discriminatory.

James Madison High School in Houston now says "parents who show up to school wearing pajamas, hair rollers, leggings or certain other items of clothing, including bonnets" according to nbcnews.com.

Principal Carlotta Outley Brown says it's important to set standards for students.

She has an excellent point. Lead by example, right?

Brown sent a letter home to parents saying "No one can enter the building or be on the school premises wearing a satin cap or bonnet on their head for any reason. You also cannot wear a shower cap of any kind in the building."

It seems the main issue some African American parents have with the policy is the "satin cap or bonnet" part. Their complaint is that they may not have the time or the resources to get their hair in order when needed. Being able to use something to wrap their hair is necessary, especially in a last minute situation.

So, what say you? Is a dress code for parents a good idea? Should some exceptions be made?

Read more over at nbcnews.com.

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