What is the purpose of wearing headphones? It is so you can enjoy the audio of your choice in private without disturbing others. That means if you want to listen Lithuanian polka music at full volume you can without causing those around you to become violent and beat you to a pulp.

The new Flip Headphones have taken a great idea and turned it into an awful idea. The problem with most headphone wearers is they don't enjoy the same music I do. This is very similar to the guys with really loud car stereos that pull up next to you at a stop light. They feel the loud boom boom from their trunk will help me and those around me appreciate their taste in music and ignore the fact that they are below average in the manhood department.

These headphones simply allow those with no musical taste the opportunity to be annoying on a greater level. Look for these headphones on the same kind of people who would have an over sized pick up, a nose ring or a skirt that is too short. This is simply a cry for attention. Perhaps if the inventors of these headphones had been breastfed as children they wouldn't feel the need to offer their pitiful cries for help to so many.