You know it's a good day when you're an accordion maker and a country star wants to have one of your instruments. That's exactly what happened recently with New Iberia's Toby Cormier and country singer Gary Allan.

The story begins a little over a year ago when Cormier and his wife attended Gary Allan's concert at Coushatta Casino Resort in Kinder and after the show decided to hang out by the buses to hopefully catch a glance of one of their favorite singers.

While waiting, they met up with Gary's piano play, John Lancaster, and struck up a conversation. Cormier told him that he built Cajun accordions as a hobby and Lancaster asked to see pictures. He showed him a few shots and Lancaster immediately asked, "would you mind coming on the bus to show Gary?"

After a cordial visit with the country star on his bus, Allan asked Cormier if he could make him two accordions. Of course, Cormier was elated and agreed to build him the instruments for his collection.

During the process of building, Cormier stayed connected with Allan and his crew to get their opinion on different options so the accordions would really be 100% custom instruments.

Fast forward to this past Saturday night for Gary Allan's concert again at Coushatta Casino Resort and the pictures below will tell you a pretty good story of how much Gary and his guys loved the final product.

The above video of Cormier playing "The Back Door" on one of the accordions was posted on Gary Allan's Facebook page.

What a cool story that further proves how much people from around the world love our music and culture.

Oh, and by the way, word is that Gary Allan plans to display these instruments at his new home in Nashville.

A big thanks to Toby Cormier for sharing this really neat story with us!

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