Parents of a 4th-grade student at North Lewis Elementary School are asking for answers. If not answers then at least clarification of school policy regarding the notification of parents regarding weapons on school grounds.

In this case, the weapon in question was determined to be a toy gun, an airsoft gun to be specific. Wayne Lacoste, the child's father, spoke with KLFY TV reporter Brit Lafaso about the incident. In his comments in the story published by KLFY Lacoste expressed frustration with how the incident was handled.

[ We ] contacted the school to try to get some information, and they are refusing to give any information. The only statement I can get from them is, ‘We’re not at liberty to discuss this with you

Meanwhile, Superintendent of Iberia Parish Schools Cary Laviolette told the TV station:

An airsoft toy gun was removed from a fourth-grader’s book bag at North Lewis Elementary School. It posed no immediate threat to anyone. The matter is being handled in accordance to school policy. Police were not called. Parents were not notified.

The Lacoste's believe that parents should have been notified no matter what kind of gun it was.

As for the student who brought the toy gun to school a hearing will be set up between the student, their parents, and the student services department of Iberia Parish Schools to determine what consequences that student will be facing.


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