The homeless are being moved to "camps/shelters" in the outer portion of South Carolina according to It is also much harder for good citizens to help out the homeless now because of this.

This shelter only has 250 beds, and they are there for the first 250 people.  It is also reported that, "once you are in the shelter, you can't leave."

The problem is the thousands of other homeless people who aren't able to make it into the shelter. Alongside that problem, anyone or any business that wants to help feed the homeless has to now pay a fee and receive a permit to do so, and they have to do it 15 days prior to their services.

Citizens are being told to call police if they see a homeless person around the city. Fortunately this isn't a problem here in the South, and here is how you can help out the homeless in our area.

Is this wrong? Should homeless people be forced out of the city?