A new year means new laws hitting the books for Louisiana in 2019. Being that ignorance is no excuse for the law, here are a few new laws to know about for the new year.

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1) Unanimous Jury Verdicts For Serious Felony Crimes - Previously someone could be convicted of a serious felony crime by a "split jury". However, all jury verdicts for felony offenses committed Tuesday (01/01/19) and after will have to have a unanimous jury verdict to convict.

2) Nursing Home Virtual Visitation Act - Louisiana families now have the option to install video monitoring systems in their family's nursing home rooms, to keep track of loved one who may not be able to speak for themselves. By law, nursing homes can't prohibit the use of cameras or retaliate against residents who want to use them.

 3) Anti-Sexual-Harassment Policies - This will be Louisiana's first government-wide policy against sexual harassment which includes the processes for properly handling complaints, a ban against retaliation against the complainant, and mandatory prevention training. Also included in this law is the annual requirement to make public the number of government employees who have completed the training, the number of sexual harassment complaints received and the number of complaints received that resulted in disciplinary action being taken.

4) University IDs To Vote In State Elections - This new law requires Louisiana's public higher education system governing boards to make sure that college student IDs meet voter ID requirements. Community and technical colleges are excluded from this new 2019 requirement.

5) Health Insurance -  In Louisiana, plans will now be required to cover follow-up preventive cancer screenings if a woman has had a "bilateral mastectomy after a breast cancer diagnosis".

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