The corporate way of life is very different from the life of a student. A student spends his or her days at school in a very structured environment. In this environment goals are laid out plainly and the ability to measure success is very calculated.

In the corporate world things are not always so neatly tied together. There is a constant ebb and flow of information, duties, tasks and responsibility that the employee will have to adjust to on the fly in order to maintain productivity. Thankfully this new training device will allow students the opportunity to experience life on the corporate side.

Each switch on this box represents a different task or decision that must be made. The machine reacts to each task by doing exactly the opposite. Therefore creating the air of futility that permeates the air of many corporate environments.

This teaches today's students that no matter how hard you try to find the right button to push or switch to flip there is always going to be some unseen force that will quickly and efficiently shut you down without so much as an e-mail.