The New Orleans Saints are the latest team to be hit with the COVID bug.

UPDATE: According to NFL insider Adam Schefter, the reported positive test came back negative after being rerun and the game is still on.

ORIGINAL STORY: According to Pro Football Talk, an "undisclosed player" on the Saints team received an initial positive COVID-19 test and is being re-tested to confirm.

Other sources (including NFL insider Michael Rapoport) say the player that tested positive was Saints FB Michael Burton. The team reportedly found out late Saturday night after the team landed in Detroit.

Other players, including those who have been in contact with Burton, are currently awaiting test results now at the team hotel in Detroit.

Week 4 in the NFL has already been a COVID-19 nightmare with players testing positive in Tennessee causing the Titans-Steelers game to be completely rescheduled while Cam Newton testing positive along with a Kansas City practice squad player has postponed Sunday's matchup between the Patriots and Chiefs until Monday or Tuesday, a move that will only take place if no more tests from either team come back positive.

Apparently, the league's contact tracing has identified seven players who were in close proximity to Burton. Four of the seven players were reportedly sitting near Burton on the plane, including running back Alvin Kamara.

All of this is happening while the Saints should be making final preparations for a game less than 12 hours away, not to mention getting actual sleep. The status of the game is currently unknown.

This is a developing story.

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