A new video shows a point-of-view angle from the fishing boat that a massive whale landed on recently. The incident took place in Plymouth, Massachusetts and those fishing on board narrowly escaped the path of this ocean creature.


The above snapshot shows what those on board a small fishing boat in Plymouth came face-to-face with when a whale breached the water and landed on the vessel.

The boaters were reportedly making sandwiches when the moment occurred. As you can see and hear in the video, those people were quite shocked as the massive creature came down on them.

Twitter via @WCVB
Twitter via @WCVB

An alternate angle shows the whale emerging from the water and ending up on the front of the boat.

The massive creature crashed down, nearly engulfing the small fishing vessel.


Thankfully, reports say that no one was hurt in the incident and the boat actually made it back to the marina on its own power.

New Video Shows Whale Crashing Down on Fishing Boat in Massachusetts

See the video from @WCVB on Twitter below.

Some online were concerned that the boat was too close to the creature in the first place.

Others like @stoolpresidente were simply in awe of the power of the ocean and its creatures.

More reactions to the clip coming from Twitter below.

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