Two years ago, Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards was holding strong with voter support in the state.

After winning re-election in 2019 over Republican challenger Eddie Rispone, the governor sported a 56% approval rating in 2020. That is huge considering Louisiana is very much a red state and has voted Republicans to every statewide elected office except the governor's. Also, in voting from districts across the state, Republicans have a vast majority over Democrats in both the state House and the state Senate.

Now, in a research poll conducted by the University of New Orleans, Edwards' approval rating has fallen to fewer than 40% of persons surveyed about the job Edwards is doing.

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"I think a lot of that has to with that he is kind of moving into ‘lame duck’ status (and) he just had a veto overturned," says UNO political science professor Dr. Ed Chervenak to our news affiliates at Louisiana Radio Network. "He’s (also) caught up in the controversy over the death of Ronald Greene."

The veto override Dr. Chervenak is referring to is the Louisiana Legislature's response to Edwards' veto of a congressional map that keeps the state with one majority-Black district out of the six districts in the U.S. House of Representatives. Edwards wanted two majority-Black districts.

Approval Split Along Racial Lines

Speaking of Blacks, Edwards does still maintain majority support with them in the latest UNO poll - 55%. Among white voters, though, is where Edwards loses much of his support. He's down to 31% favorability.

Approval Split Based On Age

Edwards polls very well among people who are 65 and older - twice as likely to view him favorably as people 18 to 44.

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Approval Difference Between Men And Women

The governor polls better among women than with men, garnering 42% among females and only 34% among males.

It is also important to note that just over a third of all people surveyed answered "don't know."

(Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images)
(Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images)

What is Governor Edwards' Current Approval Rating?

The UNO poll has Governor Edwards sitting at 38% approval rating.

Dr. Chervenak summed up the low poll numbers by saying:

I think what is unusual is the magnitude of the drop.

La. Governor’s Candidates

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