In order to provide a safer experience for Festival goers, Festival International has been working with LUS, LUS Fiber and the Lafayette Police Department to put new security measures in place this year.

KATC reports this year's changes include shows ending earlier, brighter LED lights and shuttle stops being changed.

Simone Sonnier from LUS tells KATC "LUS did install these brighter, more cost-efficient lights downtown and they are LED. The benefits to festival are that they are brighter so they do shine on more areas of the sidewalk, so pedestrians will feel more comfortable when walking downtown, especially during those later hours for festival"

Lafayette Police have teamed with LUS to increase the surveillance of all the areas covering Festival.

Shuttle stops are also changing. The shuttle will now stops are being moved from Buchanan to Lee & Berry in an effort to help relieve congestion.

One of the biggest changes will be show times. All Festival shows will now end an hour and a half earlier. The idea is for this to help ease the crowding on Jefferson St. between Festival International crowds and regular weekend downtown crowds.

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