You've just witnessed something amazing, something that you know radio and TV stations or even news networks would love to have for their news broadcasts. You have no idea how to get that information to the media. Thanks to two LSU students there is now an app for that.

The Police Officer Watchdog Events Reporter or POWER app is now available to users of android telephones. The app makes it easier for regular citizens who see breaking news to get their footage into the hands of media outlets. The app was developed by LSU students Wilborn Nobles and Elbis Bolton.

Bolton says the app can used to share negative and positive interactions with the police.

They can go on the app and upload a video or an image and they upload it to our servers and we share it with newsrooms.

He told the Louisiana Radio Network the events in Ferguson Missouri of this past year were the inspiration for the app.

"I was looking at the news and I was thinking that all these events are happening and maybe we should make something to help people out to stay in the loop of current events."

With so many  people carrying smartphones equipped with cameras the app just made sense to the developers. They hope to have the app cleared for use on iPhones in the very near future.


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