Takl is the new app that can help you get all of those chores done around the house you don't have time to do, or simply just don't want to do.

From junk removal to painting, yard work to pet grooming, there is qualified, background checked help waiting right at your fingertips with the Takl app.


From takl.com -

"The Takl platform connects customers who need chores completed with background-checked, self-employed Providers who are able to earn money using their skills on their own schedule. More than 40,000 Providers service over 75 cities and metropolitan areas across the UnitedStates. Customers can book chores 7 days a week, on-demand, same-day or for a future date through a web portal or our free mobile app. All payment is handled through the Takl platform."

Also, obviously the people you hire are local, so that's great as well.

Been wanting to get the garage clean so you can turn it into a Haunted House for trick-or-treaters this Halloween? I've been trying to get that done for a couple of months. With Takl, we could have it ready to go by the time the Saints game is over today.

If you've the skills to pay the bills, Takl could be an opportunity for you to earn extra money as well.

Download the Takl app in iTunes or Google Play, and get more info over at takl.com.

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