It seems we all travel with the world in our hands thanks to our telephones. What once were devices for calling home or checking in with the office have now become full fledged assistants and indispensable appendages. Where the phone really becomes "smart" is when  you use it to help you have a good time at Festival International.

The new app for Festival International is available now. It will function on both iPhone and Android platforms and it makes the Festival International experience that much easier to enjoy and share.  The app for this year's festival allows you to see the complete festival line up. It also allows you to use that information to create your own personal schedule. That way you'll never miss an act you wanted to see.

The app allows you to join in social media and get the latest buzz from what bands are really heating up the stage, to what food is the best to where the hottest shopping deals are.  You can also get background information on the  performers. If you hear someone you like but don't know, this app will provide background information on who they are, where they are from and how you can procure their music.

There is also a map of the entire Festival International layout that you can access by downloading the Festival International app. This map allows you to zoom in to specific locations and get directions to food, drink, music, shopping and more. You can also check the latest weather forecast to see if you'll need to apply  more sunscreen.

Festival International will be held in downtown Lafayette April 23-27.

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