I don't like speed cameras. I don't like speeding tickets. I don't think people should travel faster than the posted speed. I don't think we should pass laws that require us to pass other laws to prevent people who break the first law from whining. Legally that whining would be called "due process" but in this case, it's whining.

There is a new law in effect today in Louisiana that says any municipality that operates speed cameras must post signage within so many feet of the speed camera location. The law was passed by the Louisiana Legislature to give motorists "due process" over hidden cameras that could track them breaking the law.

So we have a law that says don't speed. Then we have a law that says it's okay to speed just don't do it here or you will get a ticket for breaking the speeding law. Well, actually it's not okay to speed but speeding is okay if nobody catches you speeding. So go right ahead and hammer down except for in front of that camera that we warned you about with a sign.

That made sense right?

Why are we passing a law to protect those who break the law? The last time I watched Matlock it was explained that "ignorance of the law is no excuse".  It all seems very silly to me. I am sure at some point there will be a court case where a motorist was ticketed for speeding through a hidden camera and the sign was six inches too far outside the legal warning boundary.

Don't you realize that all we are doing with these new laws is giving attorneys more ways to take our money? Don't you see we're giving our idiot judges more ways to be paid under the table for favorable verdicts? We're doing everything but slowing drivers down to the posted speed which is what I thought we were all after, to begin with.

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