Quick, what is the state motto for the state of Louisiana? No, it has nothing to do with crawfish but there is at least a bird on the flag. Just for the sake of clarity, Louisiana's state motto has been "Union, Justice, and Confidence" for centuries. It fits nicely on the flag and none of the words are in Latin so that makes it easy to understand.

However, there is now a proposed piece of legislation that will be introduced to the legislature when the session begins in April that would change that motto. The bill that would do that is proposed by Representative Richard Nelson. He represents Louisiana residents that live in the Mandeville area and his legislation could wind up representing you and me in the form of a new state motto if it passes.

Nelson's proposal would change the state motto to "We live and die for those we love". Well, I don't disagree with that sentiment in the slightest. It does seem to more succinctly identify with the passions that we who live in Louisiana uphold and embrace.

I can tell you from my own personal experience that I don't have a lot of "confidence" in our state and we have numerous examples of when "justice" wasn't served. And based on just the way we feel about the whole mask mandate I don't see a lot of "union" in what we are doing either.

Representative Nelson's idea for a motto isn't just something he dreamed up or saw on a Hallmark Card. The proposed motto comes from two places that are familiar to many Louisiana residents.

The phrase "We live for those we Love" is actually engraved in stone on the state Capitol Building. And those who have received their license to practice law will recognize the phrase "I live and die for those I love" which is emblazoned on state law licenses.

Yes, Representative Nelson is a lawyer and he felt his suggestion for a new motto better served and identified with the people of Louisiana and what we've been through here lately. I mean there have been multiple hurricanes, a pandemic, and all those blown calls made against the Saints. 

By the way, Nelson's bill will go before legislators sometime in April when the new session is set to begin. And yes, should it pass it will mean changing the state's flags, stationery, business cards, and other official materials. However, a contingency in Nelson's bill would allow those changes to gradually be phased into use.

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