It doesn't matter how they are served, Louisiana Gulf Shrimp are some of the most delectable morsels you could ever want to pop in your mouth. A new Tulane University study concerning the Louisiana Shrimp Industry and the BP Spill of 2010 has brought about some good news for those of us that enjoy Gulf Shrimp.  According to the study, shrimp harvested from the areas affected by the 2010 incident are in fact safe to eat and pose no health hazard because of their exposure to the spill.

According to the study and researcher Mark Wilson there was wide spread speculation that the shrimp population would be affected by different classes of chemicals that were spilled into the water. Among the concerns raised by this exposure was a higher cancer risk or other detrimental health risks. Wilson told the Louisiana Radio Network,

"And found very, very low levels of these chemicals in the shrimp, and none of those levels were by our calculations were thought to pose any health risk ever,"

This new report should help ease fears among consumers, distributors, and wholesalers of Louisiana Shrimp that product is very safe to eat. It is hoped that this new report will help production and consumption of Louisiana Shrimp to return to the pre-spill levels once again.

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