Honey Boo Boo and rocket science are probably words that will never be placed this close together in a sentence ever again. The Boo Boo's are TV's white trash neighbor that we all talk about but never really want to own up to knowing personally. The Tanner's might give the Boo Boo's a run for their money when it comes to dysfunctional.

Meet The Tanner's is a new series about a family that spends all of its free time tanning. That's right they spend their time laying around in the sun getting dark. That's the plot. That is the story. That is the show. Do you think this is quality TV?

Well neither do we, nor do the people that produced this video. It is a fake promo for a show that isn't real. It was produced to see how many people would actually fall for the premise. It's pretty scary when we might actually consider something this absurd could have a place in our own living room.

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