Meet Riley Sheahan, the Detroit Red Wings' first pick in the 2010 NHL Draft and current member of the Grand Rapids Griffins, or, as he's better known to the Grand Rapids' (Mich.) police, Tinky Winky.

[UPDATE: Now with video of the stop at the bottom of the post.]

Grand Rapids Police pulled Sheahan over for driving the wrong way on a street in his Jeep Wrangler near midnight on Oct. 29. Police say that Sheahan, 20, who was wearing the purple Teletubby costume of Tinky Winky at the time of the traffic stop, had a blood-alcohol content of .30, nearly four times the state's legal limit of .08.

Sheahan's staggering, reported blood-alcohol content (BAC) means that he qualifies as 'super drunk' (.17 or higher) under Michigan law. The designation doesn't entitle Sheahan to wear a cape with a bottle on it, but it does mean he faces greater penalties such as longer jail time and higher fines.

We also assume that Sheahan won't be back in Teletubbyland any time soon, unless Noo-noo can somehow suck up the entire Michigan penal code. Not to worry, we're sure his teammates, fellow prospects and fans will let Sheahan forget about this incident as soon as possible.

Here's video of the stop:

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